Hello I'm Sharlott, I live in Paris and these are my photographs

Happy Birthday  Red Man - Paris, France

La française - Paris, France

Yellow city, deep blue sky - Lyon, France

Rue Pipi, where everybody goes to pee - Nice, France

Morning Lover - Nice, France

Subway Needles - Métro de Paris

Dot Legacy at the Gibus Café, Paris

Broken Home at Ménilmontant, Paris

Where artists belong, at Ménilmontant, Paris

Forgotten spraying cans at Ménilmontant, Paris

Awesome spot in Ménilmontant, Paris

Vintage ecofriendly crêpes stand - Paris, Quai d’Orsay

Electra eating icecream - in Berlin

Quai de Jemmapes, Paris

Anonymous I love your photographs. They seem very raw ans honest. I wish I cold spend a week with you and meet the people of your life and those who inspire you. My French is terrible though. [:

Hey! Thank you so much!
I’m sorry my answer took so long to write, I haven’t been that much in tumblr lately. Thanks for the good vibes, I sincerely appreciate your compliments ! And yeah..those people…they’re my little sunshine and they make my days brighter every single day :)

Your french can improve, don’t hesitate to keep working on it ;)

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